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My Extra Curricular

My extra curricular in school is basketball (UBBAS), DKM, and Trilogi. But this time I will only discuss my activities in Basketball. Because of what? Because Trilogi has not started its activities, DKM there are only a few meetings and dissect a book, while playing basketball is one way to remove saturated and when I was in junior high school I was also a member of the basketball team.

Back on topic, extra curricular basketball is held every Thursday from four thirty and Saturday morning. Our coach is Mr. Dhoni, he is also a sports teacher in Senior High School 3 Bandung. Before basketball practice the first thing we do is gather in the middle of the field and then pray together. After it we stretching together, the stretch is divided in two. First static and the second dynamic. I mean, static it is done in place without moving position while dynamic with moving position. After stretching we started the actual practice like shooting the ball, dribble ball, lay-up, and studying strate…
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World Tournament

WT? What is that? 

WT stands for World Tournament, which is an event in high school 3. this event is themed "pirate", so if coming to this event we have to wear similar clothing pirate. But make no mistake, who wear costumes very much like a pirate is only one person from every tenth grade. Well, representative is referred to as "mascot". The other besides the mascot wearing sports pants and her dress resembling pirate costume. In this event we are required to speak english. And also in this event we will play from post to post and the team is friend of our class, so it can be concluded this game opponent is other class.
The class that is our opponent (X Science 4) is X Science 1, and the mascot of our class is our class leader.
This event starts from the assemble of all participants in the field of ceremony and is told the rules, how to play, and the division of roles. Its role is 1 navigator and 2 soldiers who are going to war use water balloon with bandits. After…

Gathapraya Cultural Festival

Hello!!! I will tell you my experience in Gathapraya. Gathapraya is a cultural festival organized by Senior High School 3 Bandung. Gathapraya means hope for the future. The theme of this festival is the traditional culture that is collaborated with modern culture. Why? Because this is what distinguishes between the cultural festivals from other schools. The main purpose of this theme is to reintroduce traditional culture to the community, especially young people, in an interesting way.

The event started with a parade from Saparua to the field on Bali Street, the participants were children from kindergarten, elementary school, and all 10th grade Senior High School 3 Bandung. This parade aims to promote Gathapraya and also show the traditional culture of Indonesia.

Open gate starting at 12 o'clock and the show on that hour is a fashion show. Participants of the fashion show are two people representatives from the class X Science 1 until X Social wearing traditional clothes.

This pho…

Recomended Place For Vacation (Advertisement)

HALLOO! I'm Renna A.S from X Science 4 and she is my friend Vira N.S X Science 4. We will tell you about a great and recomended destination for your vacation holiday. A lot of places that can be used as holiday destination, and of course you are confused to choose which one. And to day we will describe the place for vacation in Japan.

What do you think when you heard Japan?

Anime? Ramen? Naruto?Advanced technology? Discipline? Yap, that's right. But, because we are going to discuss about the vacation spot, so now we will discuss about Mount Fuji.

Mount Fuji is located in the border of Shizouka and Yamanashi, West Tokyo. With a high of 3.776 (three tousand seven hundred seventy six) feet above sea level, make Mount Fuji dubbed as the highest and the holiest mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji has the top of snow, that directly make Mount Fuji is very beautiful to seen. But, not only we can see the beauty of Mount Fuji. But also you can do the following activities.

First! If you come …

A Conversation of Holiday Planning

Early semester breaks soon, and also we will celebrate the new year.

Renna :"Hi Viraaaaaa!"
Vira :"Hallo Rennaa!"
Renna :"Holiday soon, so what is your holiday plan this holiday?"
Vira :"I will go to California to visit my friend in there."
Renna :"So besides meeting your friend, you want to do again?"
Vira :"I have a plan that I'm with my friend Sean Lew we are gonna spend our time to take some dance classes, baking together, we gonna visit Disney Land and watching firework and countdown the new years in Holliwood."
Renna :"There are so many things you want to do with your friend."
Vira :"Yes of course."
Renna :"Are you there not with your parents?"
Vira :"Nope because Sean Lew bought me a ticket just for me."
Renna :"Why you want to spend your time with dancing?"
Vira :"Because dancing is my passion."
Renna :"WOW, your vacation plan is very interesting.&qu…

My Worst and Lucky Day

One day when I was practicing basketball in Tegal Lega, I fell unconscious. This happens because I only have breakfast with bread. At first my head feels dizzy and short of breath. But I continue to practice, when I go to the toilet on the street my view starts to blur, my ears ring, and my head dizzy, I finally fainted. There was a lot of people approaching me then, but after that I did not know what else happened. I was brought by people around me back to the field, after I realized I was given drinking water and I was told to call my parents to pick up, but my mother and father was out there in the city. They are also difficult to contact. After that I went to buy food, and rested again. After I think it's a bit better, I went back to practice.

I realized that this morning I did not take extra money to go home, so my money is out to buy food earlier. I can only be silent on the sideway, thinking how to go home, when I walk I'm afraid to faint again because I can faint whene…

Example of Dialog When You Meet Someone Acidentally.

In canteen...

Renna : "Oh, I'm sorry." (bumping someone)
Vira : "It's okay, but next time you don't playing with your handphone while you walking in public places, that can harm people."
Renna : "Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm wont repeat it again. I just replace your drink yes."
Vira : "No fine it's okay."
Renna : "No, no I still replace your drink!"
Vira : "Well if you insist."
Renna : "By the way, what's your name?"
Vira : "My name is Vira, and what's your name?"
Renna : "My name is Renna."
Vira : "Oh, where do you live?"
Renna : "I live in Cibadak Street. How about you?"
Vira : "Oh, I live in Rancaekek."
Renna : "Far away your home. Why you school here?"
Vira : "Because this is my dream school."
Renna : "So you go back to Rancaekek then back again to Bandung?"
Vira : "Yes, more or less like that.""…