Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017

My Worst and Lucky Day

One day when I was practicing basketball in Tegal Lega, I fell unconscious. This happens because I only have breakfast with bread. At first my head feels dizzy and short of breath. But I continue to practice, when I go to the toilet on the street my view starts to blur, my ears ring, and my head dizzy, I finally fainted. There was a lot of people approaching me then, but after that I did not know what else happened. I was brought by people around me back to the field, after I realized I was given drinking water and I was told to call my parents to pick up, but my mother and father was out there in the city. They are also difficult to contact. After that I went to buy food, and rested again. After I think it's a bit better, I went back to practice.

I realized that this morning I did not take extra money to go home, so my money is out to buy food earlier. I can only be silent on the sideway, thinking how to go home, when I walk I'm afraid to faint again because I can faint whenever I'm too tired, and I start to panic. At that time my basketball coach who saw me standing by the side of the road came up to me, and asked "why not go home?" And I replied "my money is used up to buy food earlier." When the coach said I wanted to drive me home, let alone he knew I had fainted earlier. I feel very very happy and because there is no other choice then I admit it.

I am very happy because many people helping me with sincerity, starting from when I fainted the people around me care and help me, then my coach who drove me home. I am very grateful to them, their kindness will always be remembered.

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

Example of Dialog When You Meet Someone Acidentally.

In canteen...

Renna : "Oh, I'm sorry." (bumping someone)
Vira : "It's okay, but next time you don't playing with your handphone while you walking in public places, that can harm people."
Renna : "Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm wont repeat it again. I just replace your drink yes."
Vira : "No fine it's okay."
Renna : "No, no I still replace your drink!"
Vira : "Well if you insist."
Renna : "By the way, what's your name?"
Vira : "My name is Vira, and what's your name?"
Renna : "My name is Renna."
Vira : "Oh, where do you live?"
Renna : "I live in Cibadak Street. How about you?"
Vira : "Oh, I live in Rancaekek."
Renna : "Far away your home. Why you school here?"
Vira : "Because this is my dream school."
Renna : "So you go back to Rancaekek then back again to Bandung?"
Vira : "Yes, more or less like that.""
Renna : "When is your birthday?"
Vira : "2 May, and you?"
Renna : "11 January."
Vira : "What's your favourite food?"
Renna : "I like ice cream, and you?"
Vira : "I like chicken cordon bleu."
Renna : "What is your favourite subject?"
Vira : "I like English subject. How about you?
Renna : "I like Math subject. Hey I"m sorry but my class start in five minute again."
Vira : "Me too, so I hope we can meet again. Bye!"
Renna : "Bye!"

Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

all about me

Hallooooo! This is my first blog, i will tell you about myself. My name is Renna Amelia Selviana, you can call me Renna. I was born in Bandung, 11 January 2002. I live in Cibadak Street No. 79/9A. My parents name are Benny Saefudin,SE and Rohaina Mukhtar. I have one sister, her name is Sheilla Adinda Revina. She is still on elementary school. My hobby is playing basketball. My food favourite is green tea ice cream. I don't like a history lesson, but i like math. I school in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung, my class in X MIPA 4. I have bestfriend, her name is Karina Aprillia. She school in 4 Senior High School Bandung. We do all the things together, like les, playing, and study. Before in 3 Senior High SchoolBandung, I school in 3 Junior High School. My dream is to be a good player basketball. The worst experience, I was injured bone due to play basketball.

Instagram : rennaas_                                                                                                                     ID Line : rnna11                                                                                                                             No. HP : 081573858546