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World Tournament

WT? What is that? 

WT stands for World Tournament, which is an event in high school 3. this event is themed "pirate", so if coming to this event we have to wear similar clothing pirate. But make no mistake, who wear costumes very much like a pirate is only one person from every tenth grade. Well, representative is referred to as "mascot". The other besides the mascot wearing sports pants and her dress resembling pirate costume. In this event we are required to speak english. And also in this event we will play from post to post and the team is friend of our class, so it can be concluded this game opponent is other class.
The class that is our opponent (X Science 4) is X Science 1, and the mascot of our class is our class leader.
This event starts from the assemble of all participants in the field of ceremony and is told the rules, how to play, and the division of roles. Its role is 1 navigator and 2 soldiers who are going to war use water balloon with bandits. After…