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Edu Passion 2018

Hallo! This time, I will share my experience at an event called Edu Passion 2018. Surely you all who come to this event know what event Edu Passion it is. Well, so do not be sad for you who can not come, because I will share an explanation about Edu Passion and also the result of my interview with my friends.

Edu Passion is an event that is only done once a year. Rare isn't it? Well, in this year Edu Passion held on 15th of February 2018. In this event we can know a lot of information about the university. Like, there are any majors at this university, then what are the advantages of this university, and much more. It shows that this event can help us determine what university entrance. As I said in this event we can know a lot of information about the university, this indicates that a lot of university booths are ready to explain whatever we want to ask and convince us that we do not choose the wrong university.

Then, what if we get tired after going around to the university boot…