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Example of Dialog When You Meet Someone Acidentally.

In canteen...

Renna : "Oh, I'm sorry." (bumping someone)
Vira : "It's okay, but next time you don't playing with your handphone while you walking in public places, that can harm people."
Renna : "Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm wont repeat it again. I just replace your drink yes."
Vira : "No fine it's okay."
Renna : "No, no I still replace your drink!"
Vira : "Well if you insist."
Renna : "By the way, what's your name?"
Vira : "My name is Vira, and what's your name?"
Renna : "My name is Renna."
Vira : "Oh, where do you live?"
Renna : "I live in Cibadak Street. How about you?"
Vira : "Oh, I live in Rancaekek."
Renna : "Far away your home. Why you school here?"
Vira : "Because this is my dream school."
Renna : "So you go back to Rancaekek then back again to Bandung?"
Vira : "Yes, more or less like that.""
Renna : "When is your birthday?"
Vira : "2 May, and you?"
Renna : "11 January."
Vira : "What's your favourite food?"
Renna : "I like ice cream, and you?"
Vira : "I like chicken cordon bleu."
Renna : "What is your favourite subject?"
Vira : "I like English subject. How about you?
Renna : "I like Math subject. Hey I"m sorry but my class start in five minute again."
Vira : "Me too, so I hope we can meet again. Bye!"
Renna : "Bye!"


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